Life Jackets & Vests for Sale in Salt Lake City, UT: Men & Women's Life Vests

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At Fred’s Marine in Salt Lake City, we not only provide you with the best in class equipment for your boats, but we offer safety equipment for a protected and unharmed adventure. With our finest and dependable life jackets for sale, you can be sure you and your loved ones are safe on the waters in Salt Lake City and beyond.

Put Your Safety First

Whether you’re setting sail in Salt Lake City or across the country, we understand the dangers the water can bring. Without taking the proper safety measures to ensure you and your family are safe can ruin an entire water experience. Luckily for you, at our Salt Lake City dealership, we have durable life vests for sale that come in various types and sizes.

Protect Your Children With Our Youth Life Jackets for Sale

We understand that most children don’t want to be weighed down with a bright orange ugly life vest. However, at our Salt Lake City dealership, we have comfortable and easy to wear life jackets for sale that your children will love. Give your young ones a life vest they’re excited to wear every time they hit the waters. Fred’s Marine in Salt Lake City knows the importance of safety and does all we can to ensure your entire family is safe while having fun.

Fish Comfortably With Our Convenient Fishing Vests

Our marine supply store in Salt Lake City offers fishing vests like no other. We know that to fish comfortably, you need to have the proper tools at arm’s length. Nothing ruins a fishing adventure like looking around the entire boat just to find the hooks were under your chair the whole time. With more compartments paired with a sleek and fashionable look, there’s no other place to go when looking for your next fishing vest than our marine supply store in Salt Lake City.

Stay Prepared With Our PFDs

With Fred’s Marine providing everything our customers need, there’s no reason why we wouldn’t offer personal flotation devices (PFDs) as well. When you’re out on the Salt Lake City waters or waters anywhere in the world, we know you can never be too prepared. To ensure your safety and your passengers’ safety, we have PFDs to choose from at our marine supply store located in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City’s Premium Boat Dealer

As a proud boat dealer, Fred’s Marine has boats for sale for all preferences. From pontoons to speedboats and everything in between, our selection is designed to appeal to all boaters, regardless of interest or experience level. We also carry ATVs, including Tracker Off Road brand, and products to help you have a blast in the great outdoors. We carry all boating related items. From boats, to parts, to accessories, and even maintenance services, we can provide what you need.

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